How do I export my Proposal?

How do I export my Proposal?

On the responding side of RFP360, you have the ability to export your proposal at any time. You can wait until all of the responses are completed and approved or can export a draft.

Note:  If the RFP was created in RFP360, you can just click the submit the button. But if the RFP came from an external source, you can export and finish off the proposal in the application of your choice.

You can read the steps below or watch a 2 minute video here:

When viewing your proposal, you will need to navigate to the Export page located in the upper-right corner.
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Your Export page will display any prior exports you've done, now with their format (Word, Excel) displayed, with time and date stamps.  If you've never done an export before it will give you the option to start a new one by Clicking + New Export.
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You have the ability to export into the original file, a custom template, or a MS Excel document. You can read more about the different options below. Once you have selected what file type you would like to export in, select Export Proposal. You will now be taken back to the Export page where you can download the .zip file including your proposal and any attachments.
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Original Import
If you uploaded your client's document directly into RFP360, then your export will be in its original version and include all your input.  It will also include any attachments in your .zip file as well. 

Proposal Template  
If you have uploaded your
customized template and coordinating style into RFP360, you can export your proposal into you template. You have the ability to export with numbering, a table of contents, or a Proactive Proposal (meaning only the answers will export). You can learn more about exporting into a custom template here.

If you choose Excel, the zip file will include the Microsoft Excel version (Sections, Questions, Responses in separate columns). The zip file will also contain any attachments that were included in the responses (pictures, files, etc.).


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