How do I add scorers to an RFP?

Do you have particular Users that need to be able to Score: 
  • The full RFP?
  • Particular sections of the RFP?
  • Your scorers need to be Users already, so if you don't see the team member you need in the drop-down, you will need to invite them into the platform as a User. Read about adding users

From your RFP Dashboard, get to the Scoring page by clicking on the Add Scorers icon to set up your team. 

Next, you will be taken into a page to set up your scoring team. Select each person from the drop-down list on the right-hand side of the page and add one at a time. You can also check or uncheck each section you wish them to score or remove a user from scoring by pressing the trashcan icon next to the user's name.

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