How do I export a completed RFP?

How do I export a completed RFP?
At the end of an RFP event, you can export all pertinent details. RFP360 also offers various options regarding what to export such as specific vendors or side-by side comparisons. 

This includes: 
  • Scoring Details (in Excel) - this export may not work depending on the status of the RFP
  • Vendor Proposals (in Word, with all attachments in sub-folders) - if "Certain Vendors" is selected you are able to export specific vendor responses
  • Messages (in Excel) 
  • Comparison of Responses (in Excel)
  • A blank RFP
Start on your RFP or RFI's Dashboard/Outline view and select the Export tab.

The Export page provides options to check or uncheck on the left hand of the page so you can build and export the data you desire. Select the components you want to export.
Click the EXPORT RFP button at the bottom left of the page to run and produce the .zip file. 


Screen+Recording+2021-05-26+at+11.01.06+AM-min 2.gif


Email example:


To the right your exports will be displayed in the Previous Exports side of the page. If export history applies, due to prior exports, it will also populate on this page.

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