How do I resend a user invitation?

When you invite colleagues to your account for the very first time, you can check their status through the Users page. Navigate to the Users page via the Settings drop-down on the left side toolbar. 

When you go  Users under the Settings drop-down menu, you'll be presented with a list of your Users. Once you select the specific user, you can see the last time a user logged in, which could be never. You can resend an invitation to these users to remind them to set up a password and enter the application. 

Resend the invitation by clicking on the Update and Resend Invitation button down at the bottom of the principal page.

This does not apply when the user has logged in prior and has been active in the past but has locked themselves out of their account. For assistance with locked accounts, please contact our support team ( 

Note: For security reasons, invitations expire after 14 days. If the User has not logged in by then, please contact our Support to have our team resend the invitation. 

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