How do I create an RFP Template?

An RFP Template is a collection of sections that have been saved together to quickly re-use over multiple RFPs.

Where do Templates Live? 

Any that have been created may be viewed by clicking the Library menu on the left-hand side and choosing the Templates dropdown.


How do I Create RFP Templates? 

They may be saved a couple of different ways:
  • In the Details page of your RFP, check out the right-hand side. Click on Library and you can save the entire RFP as a template by clicking Create RFP Template 


If you would like to use a template you have already created when drafting a new RFP Section, simply click on Add Section in the lower left-hand corner of your RFP.

When this page comes up, select the Use from Library tab at the top and Add Sections at the lower left-hand corner of the page. 


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