How do I create knowledge?

How do I create Knowledge? 

The knowledge library serves as a repository of 1-1 Question/Response pairings of commonly used responses from previous RFPs. Writers are able to search and use previous responses to help cut down on rewriting existing content from scratch each and every time in a proposal. 

If you are in the beginning stages of building out your knowledge library, we recommend you begin to populate content directly through the knowledge library.

Content is added within the Knowledge Library in 3 different ways:

  1. Manually Add Knowledge. If only a few entries need to be included, records may be added one at a time.
  2. Upload using our Excel Template. Writers can import content directly into the knowledge library from Excel spreadsheets.
  3. Import your Existing Knowledge (Word).  Have a Word proposal you have recently worked? Questions and responses may be mapped over from within our system. 

​​Additionally, as you begin to answer proposals directly within RFP360, you also have the ability to add and update content within a proposal.

Note: All formatting and images sizes will carry over to the knowledge library and may affect your export when importing using a manual import or word import. Therefore, you'll want to ensure the formatting, sizing ect. is correct before importing into the KL. You can fix formatting within the KL, however image size will need to be fixed before import. 

Starting from the home screen, click on the Knowledge drop-down tab on the left hand side. Click Library.

1 screen shot .png

Once you are in the Knowledge Library, click on Add Content in the upper right hand corner.

You will be taken to the screen below and presented with 3 options. Follow the links to step-by-step articles depending on which path you’d like to take:
Manually Add Knowledge , Upload using our Excel Template , or Import your Existing Content.

As with any knowledge, once you add content it is available for your team members to use. 

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