Best Practices: Assigning Writers and Approvers in a Proposal

What are some best practices when assigning out Writer and Approver Teams within a Proposal on the Responding Side?  In a proposal, you can assign out writing writer and approver teams utilizing the Overview Mode. You can also set default writers/approvers at the at the section level or individually at the question level. If you have been assigned a writing task and you are not the correct person, you can use the Workflow tab within the outline to reassign the task.

Read about some Best Practices below or watch this 6 minute video:

When a task is assigned to a writer, an email is generated by RFP360 to alert the resource that a task has been assigned to them. This alert service runs at the top of every hour, so you will not bombard writers with new task emails.
When a writer clicks ‘Mark as Complete’ the task is then pushed over to the approver. When the notification service runs next (at the top of every hour) the approver will get an email alerting them of this required action. The approver can Accept or Reject the response. 

Read more about notifications in RFP360 here.
Best Practices and Tips
* Keep your process as simple as possible to avoid confusion when completing your work.

* Only ONE member of a team needs to complete the action required. 

*When a response is "Rejected" the first writing team will be notified and they will need to update the response. After they mark the new response "Save & Complete" the same workflow from before will start again. 

*The person that creates the proposal is the default Writer & Approver.

*Calendar due dates for each team must either be the same or in chronological order. For example, Approval Team 2 cannot have a due date that is before Approval Team 1. It must either be the same day or after.

*The active user for each team is the one that's highlighted in yellow. 

*If you want to add a new writer and then delete yourself from the team, select the QUESTIONNOT the RESPONSE! If you click on the response it will change to an "In Progress" state and you will not be able to delete yourself. 


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