How can I track and revert changes in the Knowledge Library?

How can I track and revert changes in the Knowledge Library? 
There are a few ways you are able to track changes that have occurred in the knowledge library. Additionally, you have the ability to revert changes if needed.

Follow the steps below or watch this 2 minute video: 

You can see who has modified a knowledge library record last by the meta-data field called Modified. You can see when that user made the change as well. If you want to, you can even filter by the Last Modified By user, or the date when records were modified. 
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In the record itself, you can see a detailed history of modifications. 

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You can even compare two versions in history. This opens up a Compare screen so you can see what has been added or deleted between versions. 

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When in the Compare Version split-screen, the Selected Version on the left is your current version of your response and on the right defaults to the last version which is also your current version. You can click on the drop-down and see the various dates, timestamps and the User that had created or last modified the user.

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When you have the Version you prefer you can either close if you are content with its contents or you can choose the REVERT TO PRIOR VERSION button.

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