What is Marketplace360 and how does it work?

 We designed Marketplace360 to break down buyer and seller ‘silos’ to help them more easily and proactively engage one another, which means:


  •  Real-time visibility to buyers early on in the RFP process
  • A virtual forum for top buyers and sellers to connect 
  • An RFP database that eliminates the hassle of traditional vendor searches


 If you are a vendor, you need to be top of mind for buyers when and where they’re preparing their RFPs, RFIs, Security Questionnaires, DDQs and more. Marketplace360 gives you a competitive advantage by offering: 


  •  The fastest way for buyers to proactively identify your products and services
  • A robust RFP database within the RFP360 unified platform
  • More proposal opportunities and much higher odds of winning more business
To get started you will need to fill in your Company Information and select the Categories in which you would like your business to be considered for proposals. You can select multiple categories for your company. 

How to either opt-in or opt-out of Marketplace360? 

If you would like to opt-in to Marketplace360 you can checkmark the box next to ""I want to opt-in to Marketplace360"" and then save your change by clicking ""Submit."" If for whatever reason you would like to opt-out all you need to do is uncheck the same box and click ""Submit."" Once you opt-out RFP360 will immediately take you out of the Marketplace360. 

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