How do I invite vendors to an RFP or Profile?

You've done a lot of work drafting your RFP or Profile.  Now you're ready to publish it and invite your vendors to respond. 

Publishing and Inviting

In order to invite vendors to your RFP (or publish it), you must have all of the sections approved. As you view your RFP, look for the section numbering along the left-hand navigation side to be green.  If you try to Publish it will not let you proceed until you've approved all Sections and Questions. 

Once you've finished writing your RFP, RFI or Vendor Profile, return to your RFP Dashboard. 

It's best that you first Publish your RFP, the red tile on your dashboard, then you can Invite Contacts.  Technically RFP360 will allow you to click the Orange tile and invite all your vendors first, but the actual Invitations will not be sent to anyone's email until you click on Publish. 


Next, you'll be taken to a list of Vendors you've already set up.  If you have not added anyone yet, you'll need to add the Company first, then the individual in the Vendors page. 

Check the Vendors you wish to invite and click Invite Contacts.


RFP360 also gives you the option to personalize your message to your Vendors.  This is an example of the email they'll get from you. 


The RFP Dashboard will show your Vendor's Invitation status, including progress (% of completion) and Actions, such as the option to Delete or Resend an invitation. 




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