How do I extend the RFP or Profile's due date (deadline)?

If you are the author/owner of an RFP that has been published, you have the ability to extend the due date (deadline) for your Vendors. 


The RFP or Profile must be in a status of 'Awaiting Responses' in order to extend the deadline. If you have manually closed scoring, or scoring has been closed automatically via the setting to not score vendor responses, you will not be able to extend the due date or time. 

To extend the deadline, click on your RFP or Profile and select the Details tab in the right-hand corner of the page. 

When you click in the Response Deadline field, you'll be presented with a date picker that you can use to extend the deadline. Lastly, click on the orange Update RFP button at the bottom of the page to save.  

Once that's done, all Points of Contact and Invited Vendors who have accepted your RFP will be notified via email that the date has been extended. 

Response deadlines may only be extended, not shortened. The system will allow you to choose a date and/or time that is sooner; however, the RFP will retain the original due date and time specified at the time of event publication. This can be confusing as the details tab will update to your new selected date/time, however, the RFP status will not move from 'Awaiting Responses' to 'Scoring' or 'Scoring Closed' until the original due date/time. 

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