Where can I View My Tasks Assignments?

Where can I view my tasks assignments?
When you come out to the home page, you'll see your tasks (if you have any) in the right-hand panel.
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You have the option to view tasks by status (Not Started, In Progress, and Pending Approval) or if you want to see a quick task list, just click on the list icon in the top-right part of the box. If you click on the task, each is hyperlinked and will take you directly to that question/response.
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There is also a Tasks page that has this information in an easy to read format with Filtering under the left-hand navigational panel. Use filters to view tasks based on proposal status, client, created date, etc.

Each of the Tasks listed is a hyperlink that can be clicked on and the user will be taken directly into that question to answer or approve that question. 
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