What are proposal analytics?

RFP360 aggregates and graphs how much time your team has spent writing new content as well how much time they've saved leveraging existing work.  

What's most exciting about this tool is it gives you a way to analyze your efforts. 

You can answer questions like:
  • How much time are we spending on proposals and questionnaires?
  • Who is getting involved, and how much time are they spending on their responses? 
Time Spent is the summary of time each user is authoring content in the given proposal.

Time Saved is the summary of time for that content which was pulled from the knowledge library. If you spent 5 minutes authoring a response and it is saved in the knowledge library, when you use that response you'll realize 5 minutes of time-savings
To access this feature click on the "Metrics" button on the left-hand side of the page. You can then see how much time was saved by Company (that issued the RFP), User or Proposal.

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