What are RFP360 Notifications and how do they work?

RFPs are often complex, lengthy, and comprehensive. Many RFPs require the involvement of multiple participant stakeholders in order to create an effective proposal. With RFP360 Notifications users will have the ability to view all users that are currently active in a proposal.
In this Help article, we will show you how to complete the Notification Opt-In, and the features of Simultaneous Users - Proposal Viewing, and Simultaneous User - Question Viewing.
Notification Opt-in
The first step in this process is the RFP360 Opt-In. As the responder, you will be shown the RFP360 opt-in modal the first time you click into a Proposal Outline. The modal will show you that you must accept the browser notifications to take advantage of the new collaboration features.
Your browser modal will next ask you if you want to accept the notifications from my.rfp360.com. You will be presented with two options. Below is an example of what that looks like in Chrome. To accept, click "Allow"
If you made a mistake and want to undo the blocking of notifications you can make that change. Below is an example of how to do this action in Chrome.
Below is how to change notifications in FireFox:

RFP360 Notification Features 
Simultaneous Users - Proposal Viewing
Each user that enters a proposal outline will appear in the drawer located underneath the section list.
The drawer displays the count of users, each user’s name, and the section they are viewing. Users viewing the list of active responders will see a user listed EVEN IF that other user declined notifications.

Simultaneous User - Question Viewing

For each user that is viewing or editing a question within the proposal outline, a badge indicator will display within the question.

When multiple users are within the same question the badges will stack.

The badges will automatically be added or removed as they navigate between questions.

Hovering over the stacked badges will display a tooltip that lists the users' full names.

Content Updates
If two users are actively working within the same section, changes made by one user are not visible to the other user until they perform a refresh. When the most up to date information is displaying for a user (because another user made a change since the last page load/refresh) you are presented with an indicator next to the question number.


NOTE: This feature is only available in RFP360 supported web browsers.

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