What do my scorers need to do?

You can set up your scoring team. These are the colleagues who will evaluate the responses from your vendors/suppliers. 

When you set up scorers, they are not notified until there are responses to be evaluated. 
  • So if your responses are not due yet, there is nothing scorers need to do. They will be notified when the due date hits and responses are ready to be evaluated. 
  • If the responses are already received and you add scorers, they will be notified immediately that they have scoring tasks. 
When we send scoring notification emails, these contain a link that your scorers can click on and come into the system. Here is an example email. When Amy clicks on the START SCORING button in the body of the email he will be taken directly into the scoring page. 

Next your Scorers will be taken to the RFP and section that they have been assigned to score. They can choose their vendor, then simply move the slider bar from 0-5 for each question to provide their score. They can also make feedback notes in the system as to why they did or did not like the answers provided. They will need to be sure to press SAVE YOUR NOTE when they are completed with their Note.


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