Why am I Not Getting Emails from RFP360?

If you are not getting emails from RFP360, there could be a few ways in which we can find a solution from most likely to least likely:
  • The email address you used (or was created for you) has a typo in it. Please have your Account Administrator check and validate the email used. 
  • The email was delivered but is stuck in a spam filter because your internal system did not recognize it.
  • The email could have been bounced along the way and could have been blocked. In this case, contact us and we can see if the email account is in the listing of bounced accounts from our email delivery service provider.
If you have been able to confirm that your email address is correct, we may have to ask your IT team to whitelist the IP address that our emails use. 

Our IP address for emails is:

System generated emails come from: 

Our rfp360.com domain

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