How do I clean up my knowledge library?

How do I clean up my knowledge library?

Overtime, your knowledge library will grow. It is import to maintain and periodically clean up your knowledge library to ensure content continues to be organized, relevant, and easy to find.

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Deleting Content
A large part aspect about cleaning up your knowledge library will be deleting
content that is no longer relevant. We always suggest downloading your content before deleting as an extra back up.
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Utilize the filters to find content that your team never uses or is out of date. Some of the best filters to use are:

Modified Date
This filter allows you to review content that was modified within a given time period, before or after a certain date and more. Content that has not been modified in a long time may indicate the content isn’t updated.

Created Date
This filter allows you to review content that was created during a specific time period. It may be useful to review content that was created a long time ago to check for relevancy.

Times Used  
This filter indicates how many times a record has been used within a proposal. You can search for content that has been used 0 times in order to find content that isn’t relevant to proposals you have been answering. On the flip side, you may find content that is great that you will want to draw more attention to.  

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Related Content

Another way to clean up your content is to look at the related content for a given record. This is basically a search to show you what might be related or redundant. If you have access, you can delete or flag content that you think does not need to be there. 

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Managing Tags

Another way to clean up your content is to delete tags that are duplicates, no longer in use, or not relevant.

Navigate to the Tags page by clicking into the Settings drop-down and selecting Accounts. Choose the account you would like to edit your tags. Navigate to Tags on the upper tool bar.

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You have the ability to download your tag list if you’d like an Excel copy. You’ll want to focus on the Knowledge Library column to see how many records tags are associated with. Also pay attention to the Name Column in order to find duplicate tags.

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You can edit tags for any reason as well by clicking into the tag name.

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