How do I copy an invitation to an RFx?

If you have been invited to an event (RFP, RFI, Profile) and want to make a copy/duplicate of this questionnaire, you can do this.

Why would you want to make a copy? If you are proposing alternative responses, you might want to submit multiple versions of responses. Examples of this include:
  • You are proposing a few different scenarios (like infrastructure projects or technology solutions)
  • You have various responses for different asset sizes (for your finance folks)
To make a copy of the questionnaire, you'll need to go to the Invitations page. This is along the left-hand side of the screen. Invitations are the letter icon. 


Click on the desired Invitation. 

You can either navigate into the existing questionnaire or make a copy. If you click to make a copy, the system will prompt you to create a sub-account or pick an existing sub-account. You cannot have 2 identical questionnaires in the same account. So setup a sub-account to hold this variation of your responses.

Note: You can keep users and knowledge separated across sub-accounts (such as regions or product lines). This helps you partition user and knowledge for easier management (and division of responsibilities). 



Once you make a copy of your questionnaire, you are set to answer it. You can assign out tasks and leverage any content that is stored in your own knowledge library. As you answer questions and approve those responses, they will be available for these other questionnaires. This means you can easily leverage related answers, often just with a single click. And you can make the necessary edits for whichever variation you are answering for. 

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