How much time are we spending on Proposals and how are the Metrics tracked?

One of the goals of having all of your questions, responses and data in one place is to save time and make it easier on your responders, but how do you know if it's really making a difference?  Where can you see some solid metrics to justify your decision making on going forward?

The Metrics icon on the left-hand main menu helps you get a quick look at your proposals time spent vs. time saved. There are 3 different views available, by Company, individual Users or Proposal
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  • Time tracking STARTS when the user clicks into the response box area.

    Tip: Make sure to click in the text box before you start searching to get more accurate time spent stats
  • Time tracking STOPS on “Save & Complete” or “Save Draft”
  • Time spent and time saved stats are aggregated on a daily basis, they are not real-time.
  • Time spent will log ANY user that contributes to a question/response, not just assigned Writer and Approver
  • Time Saved measures time spent on creation of a new content record (exception: KB content uploaded through Excel template) then when it is reused from knowledge library it will report as time saved.

    Known bug: massive time saved statistics showing up. No algorithms used.
  • Metrics page shows:
    Companies - includes proposals and users
    Users - includes all users
  • Proposals - includes proposals only
This screenshot shows metrics by vendor company and by user. The Time Spent is the cumulative time that each vendor company or user has been actively using the system. Time Saved is a computation made up of time using content saved prior from the knowledge library vs. recreating answers or entries from scratch. 

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