How do I delete a Vendor Profile?

If the need arises to delete any of your Profiles,  it's easily done in just a couple of steps. Where you click changes depending on which phase your Profile is in. 

Click on the Profiles option on the left-hand side of the screen, then click on and select the Vendor Profile you wish to Delete from your list. 
Next, you'll be taken to your RFP Dashboard. If your Profile is still in draft and NOT yet Published you can click on the Write tile, if it's been Published and is either Awaiting Responses or in another phase, click on the View tile, as seen below.

The next page that will open up is the Profile Outline.  In the upper right-hand corner will be the Details page tab.  Click on that tab and then the Delete button off to the right of that page. 

Lastly, a pop-up window will appear just making sure you're taking the correct action.  Confirm that you want to Delete the Profile. 


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