How do I Add a Sub-Workspace?

How do I Add a Sub-Workspace? How do I add sub-workspace?  

You can create partitions within your account by creating sub-workspaces. 
See the overview of Account Workspaces for more detailed information on the benefits of adding a sub-workspace to your account. 

You can add a sub-workspace and then move users, RFPs, proposals, knowledge, etc. into the sub-workspace. 

Follow the steps below or watch this 2 minute video: 

To add a sub-workspace, click into the Settings drop-down in the left hand tool bar and select Accounts  

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The accounts page will show your main account and any sub-workspaces you may have. Click + Add Sub Account in the upper right hand corner to add a sub-workspace.
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You can give your sub-workspace a name:

The internal name is what you call the group (or department, etc) internally. This will show to internal users only.

The external name is the name shown to outside organizations. This only comes into play if you are invited to an RFP/RFI/Profile. For example, our sub-workspaces have external names of RFP360. So even though we have multiple internal sub-workspaces, anything we respond to will be showing the RFP360 name (as opposed to Sales & Marketing, Security, Legal, etc.). 

How do I navigate between sub-workspaces?
Once you have created sub-workspaces, you can navigate between them. To change which account you wish to work in, click your account name in the upper right hand corner. A pop-out will appear containing your sub-workspaces.  

Simply click on the sub-workplace you would like to work in. You can note which workspace you are in by the name that appears below your name in the upper right hand corner.

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