Can I make some sections optional in my RFP for my Vendor?

Can I make specific sections optional in my RFP for my Vendor?

Saves time by allowing vendors to opt-out of sections, or questions, that are Not Applicable to their service offerings or capabilities, both in the RFP and/or Profile. “Opting out” of irrelevant questions/sections means they can respond faster, and you have fewer, higher quality responses to evaluate. Not to mention it can improve your overall vendor relationships and bottom line.

When you are creating a new RFP or Vendor Profile and you know that there will be some responding that do not meet all your qualifications, you can now set up whole Sections that your Vendors can opt-out of and therefore not be penalized during the scoring process.  This also leads to less confusion for those scoring the RFP or Profile and more consistency. 

Upon drafting or uploading Sections, a toggle bar will appear in the action menu to the right.  A Yes or No choice will be seen by your Vendors, and they can appropriately respond when answering. 


The toggle is also available when adding a New Section or using the XL upload template. 


As your Vendors complete their answers, they can choose and acknowledge whether or not they wish to respond. This will also place a "Notification" that the Vendor has opted out during the scoring process, so everyone will know the Vendor's decision. 

You can also see a note that the Vendor has "opted-out" of answering a Section when in Scoring:



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