We use a lot of Subsections in our RFPs. How do I set those up?

Customize your RFPs with subsections. You can build out as many subsections as you need using our handy template - which can be uploaded in 1 click.

Whether or not you are writing and publishing a new RFP out to your vendors or responding to an RFP in the system, the upload templates have changed as has the way to set up sections and subsections. 

If starting a new RFP or proposal in the system, there are now 3 options of how they can be done; Manually one at a time, by using the RFP Library (if applicable) or an upload template. 

When Issuing a new RFP to be Published out to your vendors:

1. Start either an RFP from scratch or click Add Section down in the bottom left-hand corner. 

2. Tabs at the top of the page will allow manually adding a section, using a saved section from your Library if you have one, or Bulk Uploading from our Excel upload template. (for more information on how to fill out the Excel upload template, (click here)

3. Click the tab you wish to use to create your RFP.

4. Off to the right of the page there will be the RFP "tree" of Sections that already exist. Click on the area you wish to create a section under, and for subsections, users can click the section where they want to nest their subsection. One "Best Practice" is to enter all your primary sections first, then Sub-sections if that's easier. 

For example, in the "tree" below, if I want to create subsection 4.2 and call it Metrics, I'd first click and highlight Section 4, "Success Measures", then create my section name. Since there's already a subsection  4.1 it will rightly place my 4.2 underneath "Satisfaction". 

5. To finalize a manual RFP section and subsection set up, click the orange Create Section button. 

1 help .png
When sections and subsections are created, here is how they will appear on the page.  Sections can be re-ordered at any time simply by dragging and dropping the "grabber" bars. 

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