How do I use/manage placeholder text in a Proposal?

If you have created Placeholder variables in your knowledge library, this article will help you utilize the feature in your next proposal. 

Using placeholder text within a Proposal

When you have a question that matches over to your knowledge library response with a Placeholder, you will experience the following user flow.

Press on USE RESPONSE to move you forward.

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You will next get prompted for particular Placeholder(s) that are associated with that Response if this is your initial* time using that particular Placeholder in this Proposal. Enter your placeholder text and press MAP PLACEHOLDERS (or decide to not use that knowledge):

*Note: Every time you use a KB item with that placeholder in this proposal moving forward will pick up that Placeholder. This is one of the true values behind Placeholder text.

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Your Placeholder text has been replaced with the appropriate text for this proposal. If you happen to want to make a change to a particular Placeholder or see which ones are active for this Proposal. You can do that within the Project Details section on the Dashboard tab.

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Creating Placeholder text on the fly within a Proposal 

There could be a chance you could need to create a placeholder on the fly if you know that that it will be used later on in Proposal. Select your text that you want to convert to a placeholder.

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Create your Placeholder for future knowledge library items or for responses in this Proposal that end up repeating.

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Now when you move over to the Project Section within the Dashboard tab you will have that Placeholder included for future editing or deleting. But be sure to note that these changes only take effect moving forward at this time.

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Managing placeholder text in the Details tab

Once you have dropped your Placeholder into place you can edit them or delete them.*

*NOTE: any Updates taken here only work from that point forward. They do not at this time replace prior Placeholders retroactively.*

Feel free to add in Placeholders as you go Proposal specific and be sure to update. Every time you utilize a knowledge library response from that point forward - that Placeholder will be shifted into place.



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