How do I fill out the Excel upload template for a new RFP?

When you create an RFP within RFP360, one way you can create sections is in bulk with our blank spreadsheet template instead of adding each question and section one-by-one. 
To begin uploading sections in bulk, click "Add a Section" at the bottom left-hand side of the RFP outline page and download the blank spreadsheet template:
In the upload template, you can include:
  • Sections & Sub-Sections
  • All the Questions for Each Section
  • Help Text for Vendors & Scorers 
  • Set Priority 0-5
  • Response Type (i.e. Text, Date, Number, Scale, File, Multifile, List or Multilist)
  • Tags
First, read the "Instructions" tab before getting started to fully understand how to utilize each cell.

Sections, Subsections, and Questions

After you create a new sheet in the template,  title the tab after the section name you would like to use. 
Next, add in any subsection names (if relevant), plus copy in the questions. 
Note: Only place the subsection name once and all questions at and below that line will be in that subsection.

Response Type

Ask yourself how you would like the Vendor to address your questions.
Note: LIST, MULTILIST, NUMBER - Include a colon (':'), followed by the unique List ID. (i.e. List:uhrvgu)
The ID may be found under your Library and the "LIST ID" column:


After uploading the completed template, you can preview the text response type.


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