How to Bulk Upload Sections Using the Proposal Section Upload Template

When creating a new Blank Proposal you have the ability to bulk upload sections instead of adding them one at a time.
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After you Create Your Proposal, choose to Bulk Upload Sections, and download the blank spreadsheet template from the hyperlink:
The downloaded template defaults to a sheet named "SECTION_NAME" and a sheet named "Instructions". 
If your proposal has several sections, you can make a copy of the "SECTION_NAME" sheet to port over the Subsection, Question, Response Type (text or list), and List Options over smoothly for the upcoming Sections.
Right-click the "SECTION_NAME" sheet and choose Move or Copy... from the Excel menu.
Then select the preferred sheet/tab that you wish to copy. In this example below, we are choosing "SECTION_NAME" as the one that we wish to copy. Make sure you have the ☑ Create a copy is checked and press OK. 
You'll now have your copied sheet!
Perhaps you have made too many sheets, then right-click and Delete to save changes.

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