How do I move questions from one section to another?

How do I move questions from one section to another? During the drafting stage of your RFP or Profile,  there are various ways in which your questions could come together... they may also need to be separated from one another to different Sections in your RFP/Profile based on their core purpose. There are two timeframes we will focus on for moving questions and those are before you have published an RFP/Profile and then after a publish. 


Before a Publish:

All Sections are fair game in the beginning. You can move 1 question at a time to another Section. Of course, you can still drag and drop questions from within your outline view (see Additional info for details on that). 

Select the question that you wish to move:



Under Move to Section choose the section from the dropdown you wish to move.




After a Publish:

All Sections were previously in a Save and Complete state. If you wish to move questions after realizing you need to make a change, then you have to have a Section in Edit mode. 

Then the only difference between before and after publish... is that you will have to open up the corresponding Sections. The one that you are moving the question from and the one that you are moving the question to. You will only be able to see open/editable sections in the drop-down options.

At this point, we follow the process that can be found here: [What if I need to make changes to my RFP/Profile after I have Published?]; but scroll down to the pulling the RFP offline portion as that is where you are now at after pressing the Edit button.

Note: If you solely want to add a new section, we suggest you just follow the Add an Addendum process... it is very similar but a little less invasive and confusing for Vendors if the RFP/Profile has been out there for a while. We would suggest this if it is relatively different than the sections that you have already created.

Additional info:

When moves occur they always go down to the bottom of the section you just moved it to

To move a question with the drag-and-drop feature from the bottom of the section follow this Help Article: [Can I move around questions within my RFP section while drafting it? ]

Other than moving... you can additionally add, edit, or delete questions within a section.

For more on that you can check out: [What if I need to make changes to my RFP/Profile after I have Published? ]. We know that we linked to this twice in this article. It is just very much tied back over to that Help Article.

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