What are Proposal template placeholders in the export?

For Proposal writers (in the responding side of the system), you have the ability for your customized proposal template to inherit particular contents of your project when exporting your proposal. These will only take in the peripheral places outside of the Proposal Outline [[...Body...]] contents. Preparer information, POC, Proposal Details and Created Date will automatically take in areas in which you designate in your Proposal Template.

*Note that these Proposal [Template] Placeholder text options are different from
Response Placeholder text that is available while using knowledge library responses in your Proposal.

*Note Placeholders will not be honored if your Proposal Name contains special characters (For example, & versus and). They also are not supported in the header or footer of the template* 

The user that exported the proposal in RFP360:

Preparer: ${Preparer}
Example: John Smith

Preparer First Name: ${Preparer First Name}
Example: John

Preparer Last Name: ${Preparer Last Name}
Example: Smith

Point of Contact for the Proposal (located on the Proposal details page):

Example: Sarah Clark

POC First Name: ${POC First Name}
Example: Sarah

POC Last Name: ${POC Last Name}
Example: Clark

Proposal Details (located on the Proposal details page):
Proposal: ${Proposal}
Example: Remote Hosting Colocation RFP [ie. the project name]

Client: ${Client}
Example: Hernandez and LeRoy Consulting [ ie/ the RFx issuer]

Company: ${Company}
Example:  ACME Co. [ie. the Vendor, most likely your company]

Created Date (date Proposal is exported from RFP360):
Created: ${Created}
Example: 06/13/2019
Created Month: ${Created Month}
Example: Nov
Created Year: ${Created Year}
Example: 2019
Created Day: ${Created Day}
Example: 13

Proposal outline begins where noted when exported (includes Sections, Questions and Responses):
Insert Body Here: [[Insert Body Here]]
Note: You do need to have the I, B, and H of Insert Body Here CAPITALIZED to get it to properly take.

Current behavior and limitations

  • Page breaks will occur after Table of Contents (ToC).
  • Know that you can turn on the ToC at the time of your Export.
  • These ${Proposal Placeholders} do not work within the Question/Responses of your Proposal.

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