Does the knowledge library have a Find & Replace option?

Does the knowledge library have a Find & Replace option?
The Find & Replace option in the knowledge library is a good option if you have content that needs to be refreshed in bulk.

Read the steps below or watch this video for more information:

To start, navigate to the knowledge library and search out/filter content in which you would like to replace. Once you have your items shown at any of the following results shown levels: 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500 entries. We default to 25 and the most you can currently change at once is 500.
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 Then you can go through and check individual checkboxes of the knowledge library items you wish to make Find & Replace work on. Or if you would like to make changes to all the entries you can do so by selecting them all at once by pressing the Checkbox on the top left.
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Once you have selected your desired items you will see a BULK ACTIONS appear with a drop-down list. Press on it to expose FIND & REPLACE.
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Follow the procedure in the image below:
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Once you have Find and Replaced the text you will have to search the new replaced text to see that your changes took properly. Currently, we do not update your Modified date but the History of the content will be captured from the content that we Found and Replaced.

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