How to Send a Direct Message to a Team Member While Scoring

Need someone on your team to review a particular response that you are scoring? Trigger an email message and link to that particular point within RFP360 where mentions are available.

This is available within an RFP or Profiles Vendor Scoring.
Here is a high level flow on how to get there and use mentions in scoring. 
  1. Go to the RFP/Profile
  2. Enter the Dashboard
  3. Select Score RFP/Vendor Profile
  4. Select a particular Section
  5. Select a particular Question/Response 
  6. Internal Notes
  7. Your Note field 
  8. "@" mention someone on your team
  9. Save Note
After choosing the RFP/Profile from the list page you will be brought into the Dashboard page as you should be very familiar with by now.
Once there, you can begin to type out your note for that particular question/response. Just go into your Internal Notes "Your Note" field and you can mention a teammate by typing "@" to trigger a list of Users from a drop-down to select from. When your note is complete, be sure to select 'SAVE YOUR NOTE' to trigger the email notification to the mentioned user(s).
Team Notes will be collected in the Internal Notes section shown below. Please note that only those assigned to the scoring team will be able to add Internal Notes. 
Here is what the notification email to the mentioned user will look like: 
Note: View My Comment in the notification email does not currently link the user directly to the exact section/question where the comment was made; however, it does link directly to the Scoring page for the RFP where the comment was made. RFP360 will certainly improve this over time. 

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