Overview of Formatting with the Rich Text Editor

Overview of Formatting with the Rich Text Editor
You may have noticed some differences in the way that you attach images, documents, videos, and add links within our new text editor. The capabilities that you have with tables has also changed. Here's a quick summary of how you add attachments and build tables within RFP360. 
1. Add a link to a webpage by entering the URL and typing the text that you want to show that links out to the site. When you are finished, click "Insert".
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2. Insert an image by clicking on the picture icon, then dropping an image into the "Drop Image" box. You can also click in the box to select an image from your computer. Additionally, you can click on the picture link icon to add a photo from the web.
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Once uploaded, click on the image to align it, replace or remove it, format it and more.
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3. Embed a video by clicking on the video recorder icon, then entering the URL under the link icon, embedding the code under the HTML icon or simply clicking on the arrow icon to drop in a video or select one from your computer to upload.
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Once uploaded, click on the video clip to align it, replace or remove it, or format it.
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4. Upload a file by clicking on the document icon and dropping in the file, or clicking in the box to upload it from your computer.
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5. Build a table by clicking on the table icon and select the number of rows and columns that you need.
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Once you have built your table, click on the cells to add more rows or columns, create a header, merge cells, add borders and background colors, and more.
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