What is Client Discovery?

Client Discovery is an available add-on module for Issuers to easily capture and share client needs with vendors. Empower greater collaboration between your team and your client(s) up front and ensure that you find them the results that they want.
The Client Discovery module allows you to add client companies and their contacts and then the ability to create a client discovery questionnaire between you and one of your clients. The main difference within these questionnaires is that within the outline YOU can choose by section and/or question which responses are visible to vendors once an RFP has been linked to this client discovery document. This can help you in keeping particular responses private when vendors view your client's discovery responses.
The additional benefit for your clients is that they can provide you their needs to you as the Issuer of the RFP and the vendors on the other side. They also get to collaborate with members of their team (of they can invite you in to answer on their behalf) to respond to the Client Discovery questions you send over.
Contact a representative today at sales@rfp360.com on how to get Client Discovery turned on for your team.

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