What is on my RFP/Profile Scoring By Vendor page?

What is on my RFP/Profile Scoring By Vendor page?

To make it easier for RFP360 issuers to see which questions on the scoring pages are in negotiation, have internal notes or scoring help text, we’ve modified the page to only show these icons when they’ve been used. 

Now as a scorer you will only see an icon on a question if it’s been used. The internal notes and negotiation icons will be highlighted until they’re seen by a scorer, and then once they’re viewed, they will turn grey. The icon will stay orange until it’s been seen by a scorer and then it will turn grey to let users know a negotiation has occurred but is no longer active.

Note: since scoring Help text will remain important throughout the entire scoring process, RFP360 will keep that icon highlighted at all times.


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