How do I accept or reject a proposal submitted after the due date?

As an RFP Issuer, you have the opportunity to Accept or Reject past due proposals that are submitted past their due date. 


Past due submissions are only allowed when the RFP is in the Scoring phase. If the RFP has been Closed then the Vendor will not be able to submit past the due date. You will need to contact RFP360 Support.  

Past due submissions are visible in the Vendor Invitations pane of the RFP Dashboard. 
To accept the late submission, simply click the Accept button. The application will automatically move the proposal into the scoring phase and you may begin reviewing the responses. 

To reject the late submission, simply click the Reject button. You will be provided with a space to provide additional details for the Reason of Rejection to be included in the notification email sent to the Proposal Point of Contact. 

Additionally, there isn't a way to take the RFP out of a rejected state within the application at this time. If you've rejected a late submission by mistake, please contact RFP360 Support for assistance. 

Are you responding to a proposal and trying to submit after its due date? Click here to learn more. 

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