How do I begin once I am in the Discovery?

How do I begin once I am in the Discovery? After you have accepted and entered into your Discovery process. You will be dropped into an Outline view of the Sections/Questions that need responses:

From any view within the Discovery, you can access navigation of various screens: Details, Dashboard, Export, Messages, a Tour of the Outline, KnowlEDGE (if you have prior knowledge library records), and the Submit button to send your complete responses to the Issuer of this discovery. 
If you notice that you will need help responding to these questions there are a few ways to go about it. You can add Team Members to help you respond there are a few different ways to go about this. You have the ability to add Team Members (users that are already in RFP360, usually that work for other companies) to your team or Users (typically from your company and that do not exist as users in RFP360 yet).
For more information on these two separate tracks check out:
On your Dashboard you have access to a series of important information:
  • Project Details
  • Completion Progress
  • My Discovery Tasks
  • Writer Progress
  • Approver Progress
  • Messages
  • Notifications
  • Recent Activity

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