How can I use the bulk actions in the knowledge library?

When you are in your knowledge library you can take several different bulk actions. We recommend that you first search for a tag and then filter the results. After your results have been filtered, you can select individual items, or select all the items by selecting the box next to "Content Record." If you select "Content Record" the pane will change to state "Bulk Actions." 

You can read the steps below or watch a quick 7-minute video here:

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After you have selected your entries you can take many different bulk actions such as Delete KnowledgeMove KnowledgeManage TagsManage Reviewers, Find & Replace, and Merge Records.

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The first of the dropdown options are Delete Knowledge. Once you delete knowledge, you will not be able to recover it. We recommend backing up your knowledge before you deleting. You will receive a confirmation message before deleting. ^ if above link doesn’t work.

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The second option from the dropdown is Move Knowledge. When you select Move Knowledge you will get a new window that will appear that will allow you to move your selected items to another sub-account. 

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The third option from the drop-down is Manage Tags. This option will allow you to either add new tags to your selected items or delete tags from your selected items. 

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The fourth option from the dropdown is Manage Reviewers. This option will give you the ability to manage the selected items for review. You can select a reviewer, a review date, and how often you want your selected items reviewed. 

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The fifth option from the dropdown is Find & Replace. This option will allow you to find specific words from your selected items and replace the word with another word so that your knowledge library items are current and up to date. 

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The sixth option from the dropdown is Merge Records. This option allows you to tie multiple records to a single response to minimize and manage duplicate records. 

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After you merge the records, they will appear as 1 record within the knowledge library.

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