What are some basics about the Home page I should know as I get started?

When you first log in at RFP360, all open Proposals are visible on your Home page that hasn't been completed by your team as well as individual tasks you are responsible for as a user. Each of the proposals and Tasks listed is hyperlinked to be taken directly into the questions to write or approve responses.


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Open Proposals

This section will show only the open proposals that haven't been closed to help your team prioritize ongoing tasks. While the "Proposals" tab on the left-hand side will show a complete list of all proposals worked in the application -- regardless of statuses. 

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My Proposal Tasks

You can see the individual tasks that have been assigned to you (if any) in the right-hand panel for any writing and/or approving tasks.
Wanting to learn more about Writer and Approver workflows? Learn more here.

Navigating Between Accounts

If your account is set up to allow sub-accounts, partitions can exist to help keep content separated. To switch between any created sub-accounts, simply click on the account name in the upper right hand corner. A drop down will appear. Click the sub-account you would like to switch into. 
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