What is Proposal automation? How does it work in RFP360?

What is Proposal Automation? How does it work in RFP360?

Proposal Automation analyzes all of the questions in your proposal against Knowledge Library content to try to find as many relevant responses so that you can save time by responding to questions en masse. Proposal automation is a more efficient, intuitive, and powerful feature in RFP360. Here is how it works: 

Once you create a proposal outline, RFP360 will work to analyze the questions you need to answer. The system uses answer intelligence, our proprietary mix of AI algorithms and knowledge evaluation logic, to uncover relevant content in your knowledge library. 

Your first step will be to click on the Proposal Automation tab.

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Answers from your knowledge library that are perfect matches for questions are displayed, along with other suggested responses.

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Exact matches will be check marked by default. If you want to select every first result that is shown, click the “Select All” button.

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If you only want to see your Exact match results, click “Show Only Exact Matches”.

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If you click a section in the Outline list, it will take you directly to that section on the page. You can also scroll down to view those results.

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We show you what tags are tied to a result, as well as the number of times the response has been used.

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Once you click “Use Selected Answers & Finish,” the responses will go into the proposal outline in an “In Progress” status. You will then need to go into the complete answers, double check, and mark as approved in order to complete answers.

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Simply select the answers you want or use them all. Either way, before you even start writing, you are automatically ahead of schedule.

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