How do I update a knowledge library record and review updates?

Getting started: Knowledge library text editor


When selecting an entry from your knowledge library, a rich-text editor will display to format. More on the capabilities may be read here.

Managing Tags

You can modify tags within each piece of content:

Add new tags. Click on the tags field and start typing. After a few letters, a drop-down will appear with a list of all existing tags. 

View existing tags. If the tag exists you can select it. If one doesn't exist, you can create a new one by hitting ENTER or a hard return on your keyboard when you are finished typing the name.  

Review Tab


This section will show the reviewer and a Review Date for when an email reminder will be sent from RFP360. Click into the item as you normally would. You can make edits and turn off the flag by clicking "Mark Review Complete".

To reassign, the arrow beside the Reviewer will show all users to choose from to look over the content. 

Details Tab

On the right-hand side in the action menu are detailed including who originally created the entry, who on your team last made an update, and times used to know the popularity of a response. 

History Tab

In each record, you can see an audit log of all modifications.

You can even compare two versions in history by clicking the side-by-side icon. This opens up a Compare screen so you can see what has been added and/or deleted between versions. 
Didn't mean to save a change? This is also where you can Revert to Prior Version

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