Invited Vendor: Get Started - What you need to know to complete and submit your proposal

What do I need to know to complete and submit my proposal? 

Outline Help 

To add a new user within your proposal, look over in the action panel to the right where it says, "Default Workflow". If your role within the system is an Admin or a Manager, you will be able to add a new user. Select the blue text/icon that says "+Add User" A pop out will appear in which you will be able to select from a list of Users already in the system or invite a new user by clicking on the blue "+ Invite a New User" at the bottom of the pop out.  



Assigning Writers and Approvers in a Proposal 

You can also set default writers/approvers at the section level or individually at the question level. If you have been assigned a writing task and you are not the correct person, you can use the Workflow tab within the outline to reassign the task.



Submitting Proposal

When you finish your response to the RFP, you'll be able to submit your final proposal.



Communicating with the Issuing POC 

When you are working on an RFP response, you may need to send a message to the RFP owner. Our Messages page also lets you send messages to your internal team (the team working on your proposal). 



Exporting Your Proposal

You have the ability to export your proposal at any time. You can wait until all of the responses are completed and approved or can export a draft.



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