How do I use the Extensions?

RFP360 extensions are a paid feature that allow you to utilize content from your knowledge library from outside of RFP360. You can use extensions in:
  • MS Word
  • MS Excel
  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • MS Outlook

The extensions support attachments, images, and honor rich text format. Watch this video or follow the steps below if it is your first time utilizing the extensions: 

1. First step is to install the extensions. You can reach out to Support or your CSM for instructions. If you utilize SSO, our development team can assist you.

After installing, you should see the extension in your chosen instance (Word, Excel, Google Chrome, Firefox, or MS Outlook) Note: The following images are examples in word.
1 shot .png
3. Click the extension and log in with your RFP360 email and password, if needed.
2 shot .png
4. You will see a basic version of your knowledge library. Simply highlight the text you want to search or type into the search bar to populate answers from your knowledge library.
3.1 example .png

5. Click Details if you would like to see the full record, tags, times used, updated date, or who last updated the record.
4.1 .png

6. Select Copy response and paste the response into your instance.
5 gif .gif
7. You will note that attachments, images, and rich text format is honored.

*If you experience issues, try to refresh, or un-install/re-install. If the issue persists, please reach out the the
Support team for assistance* 


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