How do I upload my customized template in RFP360?

How do I upload my customized template in RFP360? For Proposal writers (in the Responding side of the system), you can export your final responses into the source document or into a custom template. You have the ability to export a proposal using a customized template that matches your companies branding, style ect. Follow the steps below to prep and upload a personalized template in RFP360.

You can read the steps below or watch a 4 minute video here:

The first step is to identify a template you would like to utilize moving forward. *Note: You can have multiple templates saved within RFP360.

Next, remove anything in your template that would be customizable depending on the RFP you are responding to. For instance, any specific question/response pairings. At the same time, you will want to identify aspects you would like to keep for EVERY RFP that you export using the template. For example, some clients want a generic Our Mission and Values section that will export.

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After you have created your template “shell”, you will want to map any placeholders you would like.
This help article explains the placeholders that are supported within a template.

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After you have mapped your placeholders, you will want to indicate where you would like the “body” of your RFP to lie within the template. This is where those Question/Responses your team has been answering within RFP360 will export. Write [[Insert Body Here]]

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Now that your template is prepped, you can save it inside RFP360. Navigate to the Templates Tab by clicking into the Settings drop down on the left side tool bar and select Accounts. Select the Account/Sub-Account where you would like your Template to be accessible.

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Next, Select the Proposal Templates tab. This page hosts all of your saved templates in RFP360. Moving forward, you can view/edit, as well as add additional templates on this page.

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Select + Proposal Template located in the upper right corner. You will need to name your template and have the option to add any additional details. Click Choose File to upload your template. Click Create Template File to save your template in RFP360.

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Now that your template is saved in RFP360, you will need to save as corresponding Style.
Follow this link for instructions on creating a Style in RFP360.



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