How do I import knowledge using the excel template?

How do I import knowledge using the excel template?  Upload Using our Excel Template

Uploading your content utilizing our downloadable Excel template is a great option for 1-1 Question/Response pairs that are in text format or used in a previous Excel template.
*Note, if you have answers containing images, we would recommend utilizing our
Word Proposal Import * Additionally, all formatting will be stripped when copying/pasting into the Excel template. 

You can read the steps below or watch a short 3 minute video here:

After you click on the Use Excel Template button, you'll see some instructions and you can Download Excel Template.

1 screen shot .png

This template is a spreadsheet with Question, Response, and optional Tag(s) as well as optional columns where other information such as Original Created date can be entered. Use the "Knowledge" page of the Excel workbook to populate data in the spreadsheet.

2 screen shot .png

When the template is complete, click the Upload Completed Spreadsheet button and upload your completed spreadsheet. Your content will be uploaded to your knowledge library automatically. 

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