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Below is a video regarding basic functionality of the platform. Similar information is provided in text below the video. Review either to make responding to an RFx on RFP360 a breeze!



How do I add my colleagues as Users in RFP360?
If you would like to collaborate with fellow colleagues with RFP360, you will need to add them as Users. Follow the steps below to add Users to RFP360.

  1. Navigate to the Settings drop down on the left-side toolbar.
  2. Click the Users tab.
  3. Click +Add New User in the upper right-hand corner.
    • You will need to add their First Name, Last Name, and Email. You will also have to assign them a role in RFP360. We recommend Power Users be added as Managers.
  4. Add a custom invitation message and click Create User & Send Invite
  5. Your colleague will receive an invitation to sign up as a User in RFP360.
Add User .gif

I added a User in RFP360, but it says the user is already in use. What do I do?

If you are adding a user in RFP360 and the email says “already in use”, it means the user already has a separate account in RFP360.
Contact our Support Team by at and provide your colleagues name and email address. They will be able to add the user on your behalf.

How can I add my colleagues as Writers and Approvers within a Proposal?
After you have added your colleague as a User in RFP360, you can assign them to collaborate out as "Writers" and "Approvers". Writers are responsible for responding to the question and approvers verify their responses. Feel free to assign users as both the Writer and Approver on any given question. Follow this link to learn how to assign out writers/approvers and how they will be notified. 

I have a question about a section/question within the Proposal. Who can I contact?
If you have specific questions about the Proposal itself, you will want to reach out to the RFP Point of Contact. Follow the steps below to message to RFP POC.
  1. Within the Proposal, navigate to the Dashboard tab.
  2. Click Messages
  3. Click the circle next to External Notifications / RFP Point of Contact
    • You will have the option to ask a General Question or Specific Question. To reference a specific question, click into the dropdown under “I want to reference a specific question”
  4. Type you question into the Message text box.
    • You can add an Attachment if needed.
  5. Click Send Message.
    • The POC will reach back out through the messages portal. You will receive an email once they reply. You can respond back to them within the Messages Portal directly.
gif 1 .gif

How Do I Export my Proposal?

You have the ability to export the Proposal if you’d like to work on it outside of RFP360. Note: You will need to submit your completed questions within RFP360. Follow the steps below to Export.
  1. Within the Proposal, navigate to the Export Tab.
  2. Select +New Export in the upper right-hand corner
  3. To export into a Word Document, choose the Proposal Template option with No Template/No Style. To export as an Excel Document, choose the MS Excel option.
  4. Click the Orange Export Proposal button.
  5. It will take you back to the Export page. Click on the Zip file to download your exported proposal
export 303040.gif

How do I change the Point of Contact for the Proposal?
If you were send an invitation from an issuer to respond to a proposal within RFP360, you will automatically be the POC for the proposal. However, you can change the POC at anytime. Follow the steps below to change the POC.
  1. Within the proposal, navigate to the Dashboard tab.
  2. Click the blue Details button.
  3. Click into the drop-down next to the Point of Contact and select a new POC for the Proposal
    • Note: The new POC must be a User in RFP360.
  4. Select Update Proposal to save your changes.

I received an invitation, but I am not the POC for the proposal. What should I do?
You will not be able to forward the invitation to another member of your team. Instead, accept the invitation, create an account in RFP360, and re-assign the POC using the steps above.

How do I submit my proposal?        
Once you have answered all mandatory questions within the proposal, you can submit your proposal to the issuer. Note: If you have exported your proposal outside of RFP360, you will still need to copy the answers into RFP360 for submission. Follow the steps below to submit your proposal.
  1. Once ensuring all of your questions are complete within the proposal, navigate to the Submit button located in the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Click on the Orange I'm Finished Submit My RFP button.
  3. If you are the POC for the proposal, you will receive an email confirmation that your proposal has been received by the issuing company.

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