How do I export using a Proposal Template and Styles?

For proposal writers (in the responding side of the system), once you have prepped and saved your template and corresponding style , you have the ability to export using the Proposal Template Option.

You can read the steps below or watch a 3 minute video here:

Navigate to the proposal you would like to export and click on the Export tab. Click +New Export.

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Select the Proposal Template Option. Use the drop down under Template to select the Template you would like to utilize. Use the drop down under Style to select the corresponding Style that matches the template.
*Pro Tip: Name your Template and matching Style the same name*

After selecting your Template and Style, you have a couple of features you can choose to turn On or Off. 

Automatic Numbering: Turn this feature on if you would like your Question/Response pairings to be numbered during the final export.

Add Table of Contents: Turn this feature in if you would like to export with a Table of Contents through RFP360

Proactive Proposal: Turn this feature in if you would like to export without the questions. Only your answers would appear on final export.

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The final step is to select Export Proposal. This will take you to your Project Export page where you can view all of your previous exports. Click the hyperlink or download error to download your completed proposal with the templates/styles chosen.

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Upon final export, we recommend going through and doing any small edits you may need. Any placeholder variables will be honored upon final export.


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