How do I install the Slack integration?

To install the RFP360 App for Slack for your account, click the Settings drop down and select the Integration tab, and click “Connect Workspace”.

Users must have administrator rights in RFP360 to connect the integration. Also, if their organization has “app approval” turned on in Slack, they may be required to request permission from their Slack workspace owner before they can complete the integration.

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If you have to request app approval, you will be taken to this screen before the app can be downloaded:

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 If you don’t have to request app approval, you will be taken to this screen and you can click “Allow,” which will download the RFP360 app in Slack.

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RFP360 will automatically begin sending messages to all active users in RFP360 in your account. However, the app will not populate in your team member's accounts until they receive their first message.

No further action from your colleagues will be necessary regarding the integration. The integration onlyneeds to be completed once. 

The following reminders will be sent to Slack:

  • New and reminder tasks
  • Response rejected notices (estimated completion date is 6/15)
  • @Mentions in comments
  • Messages (estimated completion date is 6/15)
  • Ask an expert responses (estimated completion date is 6/15)
Users will have the option of opting out of Slack notifications from within the Slack app.
If they choose to do so, we recommend that they have email notifications enabled in their account so that they continue receiving messages from RFP360.


Users also can opt-out of email notifications to only receive messages from Slack:

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If your company wishes to stop using the Slack integration for any reason, you can simply disconnect your company’s workspace from the Integrations page.

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