I have created a template in RFP360. How do I create a corresponding Style?

I have created a template in RFP360. How do I create a corresponding Style If you are a proposal writer using your own customized Word Templates for your Exports on the responding side of the system, you will need to create a corresponding Style to use when exporting.

You can read the steps below or watch a 4 minute video here:

Note: Any formatting within your style will carry over into the export. We recommend clicking into each Style you plan on mapping and ensuring indentions, tabs, ect, are correct. Follow this link to read more about editing your Styles for a better export. 

The first step is navigate to the Styles Tab. Click into the Settings drop down on the left side tool bar and select Accounts. Select the Account/Sub-Account where you would like your Style to be accessible. *Note: You will want it in the same account as your corresponding template.

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Next, select the Styles tab from the upper tool bar. You can view/edit Styles you have previously saved in RFP360. If created a new style, select + New Style in the upper right corner.

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On the Add Style page, you will want to name the Style the same name as the corresponding template in RFP360. Upon Export, you will be able to match the template & style easier that way.

 After naming the Style, pull up the corresponding template in Word and open the Styles pane. You will be “mapping” the styles you want RFP360 to pick up in the template. The Word Style Type is the only section you need to map. RFP360 will automatically honor the font, size, color ect. upon export.

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Looking at the Styles pane, match the Style to the Word Style type.  For example, in the screenshot below, for the RFP360 Text type “Section” I put RFP360 SECTION STYLE as the Word Style Type. This corresponds to the Style in Word I wish to be honored upon export.

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After you are finished mapping the Style, select Save Style. Your Style is saved in RFP360 and can be used with your corresponding template. *Note: It’s recommended you fill out all Word Style types with a corresponding Style. You can have more than one Text Type be the same Style*

Note: Any font colors, size, Bold/Italic within the knowledge library will not transfer over if you're utilizing Styles/a custom template. However, highlighted text from the knowledge library will appear upon export. 

Now that you have your corresponding Style saved in RFP360, follow this link to Export your proposal using your saved Template/Style. 

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