How do I export a proposal without questions?

How do I export a proposal without questions?
For Proposal writers (in the Responding side of the system), you can export answers without the question using the Proactive Proposal feature.

In RFP360, we have a toggle on the Export page called Proactive Proposal, where only section and response text will be included in the proposal when you export to a Word template. 

From within the Outline in RFP360 you will first click the tab Export.  

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From the Export tab, you will toggle "Proactive Proposal" to "On." The last step you will take is to click on "Export Proposal."
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After you click "Export Proposal" you will have a file saved on your computer of your export. You can open the document and see only the section and response text.

Note: You will still need to fill in the question field for each section of the proposal outline so that you can save and re-use responses from the Knowledge Library. Only the export formatting is affected by the proactive proposal toggle.


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