Can I build a new RFP from the existing Sections in my Library?

Can I build a new RFP from the existing Sections in my Library? Over time as you save more and more Sections to your Library, you'll eventually want to use them here or there in a new RFP that you're working on. RFP360 makes it very easy to reuse your content.  

When starting a new RFP, you can use either a full Template full of its own sections to build your RFP or add in the Sections you want one-by-one. 

To start one using individual Sections from your Library, check Blank RFP. 

If you have a template built exactly how you like it, you'll select A Library Template and choose from your list of options. 

When working with a Section at a time, your blank RFP will appear, then click on + Add a Section in the lower left-hand corner.  
This page will open up for you to choose where you want to get your Section data from.  Choose the Use From Library tab and check the box beside the Sections you want to pull into your RFP.  Don't worry about order, you can drag and drop them where you want to reorder at any time. 

Once back in the RFP, an info icon will appear next to each question, letting you know that it was used from the Library.  You can click on and edit the question right there within the RFP.  
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