Can I create a Proposal that has Sub-sections?

Can I create a Proposal that has Sub-sections?

When Importing a Proposal from Word, Excel or PDF:

If your client's RFP contains sub-sections and you use our Word, Excel or PDF import features, you are able to put your completed proposal responses back into the exact template/format that you received the RFP in. This means no mapping of sub-sections is required. However, if you wish to display which sections are sub-sections within the RFP360 for ease of organization, use the "grabber" bar icon to click and drag one of the sections to the right to make it a sub-section under an existing section.  You can also re-order sections and sub-sections by moving them up and down.

When Creating a Blank RFP and Adding Sections:

If you created a Blank RFP and need to add sub-sections, click "Add a Section" at the top of the page and then "Add a New Section". 

Next, type the name of the new section that you wish to create and select the section or sub-account that you wish to add the sub-section under.
After all Sections and Sub-sections are added, you can re-order or move them by using the "grabber" bars:


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